Monday, April 2, 2012

Whole30, day 2 -- i am sore.

today i am sore. not excruciatingly sore, but i do feel it all over. as my army national guard son says, "pain is just weakness leaving the body!" i know it just means i am using muscles that haven't been pushed in this way for a long time. i am not going to stop exercising, but i wish it could be done without pain!!

today for my exercises, i worked on my legs. i did leg lifts while laying on my back. then i laid on my belly and did leg curls with 5 lb. weights strapped to my ankles. i also laid on each side and did single leg lifts with the weights on. i also did a lot of stretching today. then it was time for my walk with my husband.

for my breakfast, i had the same as yesterday -- an omelette made with 2 eggs and one egg white mixed with homemade breakfast sausage and onions and peppers. this is a very satisfying meal and keeps me full for hours. i waited a bit too long for my lunch, not eating until about 2:30. i was really hungry. i had a can of my husband's ocean caught tuna (move over bumblebee and chicken of the sea!) and a large salad with lots of veggies. i also had an orange and one ounce of roasted and lightly salted almonds. i was hungry at dinner but wasn't able to eat at home because it was my monthly bunco night. i sliced up a red pepper and an apple and took it with me to bunco. i ate it there along with some more salad and a few sliced plain strawberries. it was all good, and i got full, but by 8 pm i was starving again. i didn't eat anything when i got home, but i am HUNGRY tonight!

my calorie count totaled 1236, with 48% coming from fat (66.8 grams), carbs coming in at 25% (82.9 grams) and protein at 28%(83.2 grams). i was able to boost my fiber to 21.5 grams, but i did not have enough protein today. the fact that i was so hungry proves that. i haven't been able to figure out how to post my fitday chart, but haven't had the time to figure it out yet.

so day 2 is done. only 28 more to go. i can do this!!

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