Friday, April 12, 2013

A bit of this, a bit of that

it's about time for another post, don't you think?  over the past couple of months, things have been pretty busy for me.  i started the season for my second part time job in february, so that has kept me busy.  i have also been spending waaaay to much time on facebook!  not that i am obsessed with it or anything. really.

regarding my efforts at staying paleo, i have been really good about staying away from wheat and most other grains.  we do have rice occasionally, and now, when the urge for pasta comes along, we eat rice pasta.  it is actually pretty good.  i have found it to be way starchy, but after it is cooked i rinse the extra starch off and that seems to make it behave more like traditional pasta.don't worry, i don't eat it very often.  it's just that spaghetti squash is insanely expensive right now. i am still eating piles of veggies and some fruit, so that is all good.  what is not good is that i have backslid into eating dairy and sugar more than i should.  enough that my weight is not staying where i want it.  i am nowhere near my pre-paleo days, but am hovering about 5-7 pounds above where i ended after my january whole 30.  i will admit i have just gotten lazy -- my job requires a lot of early mornings, and i am a night owl, so those two things don't mix very well.  i am also not exercising the way i was -- my seasonal job does require some lifting and stretching and lots of standing, but i am not getting my walks or lifting weights.  when i get home in the evening, i just want to sit.  and i have been doing just that.  so. i know what i need to do, and my husband is very good about encouraging me in positive ways.  i am going to do this -- again.  i am re-reading my paleo books and cookbooks.  i am trying to go to bed earlier.  50 years of bad habits is hard to break, but i am not giving up.

so, on a lighter note, i am going to tell you some things about myself you may not know.  one of my friends did this recently on her blog, and i thought i would try it on mine.  if you don't care to know, you can just stop reading now!!  if you care at all, read on!

20 random things about me you may not know . . .

1)  i am left handed. but mostly for writing and eating. for almost everything else, like using scissors, playing sports, etc., i am right handed. 

2) when i was in second grade, i was on the ramblin' rod show here in portland (it was a local kids show that played cartoons and was on in the afternoons after school). i was picked to win a pair of "roller derby street king shoe skates"!!  i was told the director picked me because i was wearing my hair in braids that day.

3) my favorite music genre is  . . . CLASSICAL!  mozart is my favorite composer.

4) i wear jeans almost every day when i don't have to wear my work uniform, but i am a girly girl.  i love jewelry and florals and dresses and pretty shoes and ruffles and the color pink and . . . yeah. all that girly stuff.

5) i was 22 years old when i got married.

6) i didn't get my driver's license until i was 18 years old.

7) i don't drink alcohol.  i have tasted it, but i never developed a fondness for it.  part of that stems from my religious background, but mostly, i just don't like it.

8) i make my own vanilla extract, using vodka and vanilla beans.  it is delicious! and no, i don't drink it straight, although it is tempting, it smells so good!

9) the first concert i ever went to was the little river band, back in the late 1970's.  they are still one of my favorite bands.  and i am old.

10) i am a trekkie. i love star trek in all its incarnations. so much  that my husband and i named our last child after an obscure next generation character. yes, it is true. the new movie coming out next month?

11) i love photography, and all things surrounding it.  scrapbooking, taking pictures, looking at other photographers work, photography books, and so on.

12) when the final harry potter book came out, i bought it, took it home, and told my family i was off duty until i had finished reading it.  i read it straight through in 9 hours.

13)  my favorite movie of all time is back to the future, part one.  i love stories about time travel, and to me at the time this movie was just the best.                                                                                                              
14) speaking of back to the future, while preparing for my mother's 65th birthday party back in 2001, i was going through her old photos. i was surprised to find an old picture of my husband's grandparents and their then teen age children from the 1950's.  when i asked her why she had that photo, she informs me that my husband's grandparents were the pastors at her church.  i guess my husband and i were destined for each other!

15  i had my first child when i was 27, my second at age 30 and my last child at age 37.

16) i am the same age as my brother for 2 days every year..

17) my most recent celebrity crush was zachary levi, also known as "chuck."

18) i don't watch scary movies.  they give me nightmares.

19) my favorite classic car is the ford thunderbird -- of course the original 1955 version is the best, but i wouldn't say no to the 2005 50th anniversary edition either.

20) i love chocolate. the end.