Sunday, August 1, 2010

almost a year since my last post. this is not how i intended to do things when i started this blog. at the moment i am ok that i don't have an audience, but i wanted to remember my past, write things down for my kids, and record the events that are giving us new memories to cherish. boo. i have not done well. a year has gone by and so much has happened, and i have not recorded any of it.

because of this weekend, however, i feel a renewed sense of optimism that i will be more diligent in recording my thoughts here. it has been a weekend of memories brought back to life. i had my 30th high school reunion. my brother brought me a cd of old family pictures and documents to look at. i went to a wedding that included a reconciliation of sorts. all of these experiences have driven home the idea that while it is necessary to live in the present, the past has helped make me who i am today. it is important to remember, to celebrate and to use those experiences from my past to allow me to live today.

thanks for the memories!