Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whole30 challenge, day 18 -- over halfway there!

wednesday -- day 18! i can't believe we are halfway done with the whole30 challenge. it has been interesting, hard in some ways, easier than i thought it would be in other ways. i have definitely missed chocolate, but i am surprised that the cravings i always had have so greatly diminished. in fact, my craving for sugar in general is way less than it used to be. it is like a fond memory, something in my past that used to be the most important part of my day but is no longer necessary to my existence. i guess you could say i was addicted? lol!! i am almost a little scared at the prospect of dessert -- even a paleo dessert! these days when i want something sweet, i have fruit. i may be having more fruit than most people who do the whole 30, but i don't think i am overdoing it. i am feeling good, i no longer have acid reflux and the exercising is getting easier. and my clothes are fitting looser every day!!

for my breakfast this morning i had scrambled eggs made with two eggs and one egg white, cooked in ghee (clarified butter) and an orange. i was able to eat my lunch at about 1:00 pm. it wasn't much -- i haven't had a chance to cook ahead and there wasn't anything in the fridge to grab. i had an ounce of almonds, about 3 ounces of baby carrots, and an apple. this held me for a couple of hours, and then i was HUNGRY!! i had planned to exercise before dinner and didn't want to have problems like i had previously. so before i did my exercises i had another scrambled egg and about 4 0z of applesauce. that was just enough to let me exercise without issues. i did several variations of leg lifts with a 5 lb ankle weight on each leg, ran up the stairs and through the house 10 times, and i did 10 sit ups. and then my husband and youngest son and i took a 4 mile bike ride. when we got home we started dinner.

dinner consisted of taco seasoned ground meat (combo of ground beef and ground pork), guacamole, salad and cut up veggies. the kids also had some fruit salad. it was really good and i had a lot! i didn't measure exactly how much meat i ate, so i am estimating my calories at somewhere between 1600-1700. my protein content for the day was 23% (100 grams), carbs came in at 17% (83.7 grams) and fat totaled 60% (130 grams). fiber totaled 21 grams.

so now it is time to do dishes and get some food ready for tomorrow. i have one more day of my part time job this week, and i need portable food. this weekend i will be prepping some food ahead of time, especially protein. it has been a challenge for me to keep up on that.

have a great thursday. thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on your food journey. Do you like kale? I only knew about it from being in the salad bar separating other veggies and stuff next to each other. I heard it was good for you so tried it steamed and also baked. To make kale chips you pull off the leaves from a piece of kale. I usually use about 5-6 leaves. Put the leaves in a bowl, and drizzle a little evoo over them and a little salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly. Put the kale leaves on a baking pan into a 250 degree oven for 30 minutes. I can't get enough of them. Have a crunch like potato chips but unbelievably good for you.


    1. hi trevor! yes, we like kale. we usually eat it sauteed with bacon and onions. i have heard of other people making kale chips and loving them, but i haven't tried it yet. you make it sound so good i will have to try to make it soon! thanks for reading and for your comment!