Monday, August 3, 2009

memorable friends

every year (this is the 114th, to be exact), the church denomination i grew up in has their annual campmeeting (also known as family camp). people come from miles around, some traveling 2 hours or more, to attend church services, classes, meals and other activities with others from around our state. the joke at campmeeting is, if you aren't related to someone there, they know someone you are related to. i happen to be related to several people who attend.

it is also a time to see old friends. some of these people have known me for over 40 years, some for only a few months, but it is always a joy when our eyes meet and we make our way toward each other and embrace. the words " it is sooo good to see you!" always make me smile. it is good to be missed! what makes these occasions so enjoyable is the fact that we share memories. memories of childhood exploits, teenage angst, college days, new parenthood, our faith; all of these experiences have been shared with the people we care about, relate to, have a history with. we have made memories together.

our family is not just those people we are related to by blood or marriage. our friends are also our family. our shared experiences have created memories that we will carry for a lifetime. our yearly campmeeting gives some of us a chance to reminisce, to remember what brought us together as friends, and it also gives us the chance to build on those memories. that is one thing friends are
for -- to create memories with.

create a new memory with an old friend -- soon!

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